I'm Matteo
AI Consultant and
Digital Entrepeneur

I have been working in digital marketing for more than 5 years. During this time I have launched several businesses and worked with dozens and dozens of clients helping them to bring their businesses to achieve their goals.


The sectors in which I have worked
over the years


Digital Marketing focused on performnce (ROI)

In recent years I have worked and developed several marketing agencies helping businesses in different niches, Yacht Dealers and charters, wine bars and wineries, wellness professionals, network marketing and many others.


Artificial intelligence and blockchain

I have always been an enthusiast of new technologies. I study the world of Web 3.0 with passion, constantly looking for the new opportunities that this world offers.


Luxury brand development & public relation

Having lived in Dubai and often working in the Emirates and Monte Carlo, I discovered a passion for the development and growth of luxury product and service brands. Coming to collaborate with companies of the caliber of McLaren Milano and NH Collection.

A word about me

I define myself as a digital nomad and entrepreneur. I like traveling and developing projects.

I think that in each of us there is a gigantic hidden potential. I strongly believe in growth and I think that each of us should aspire to become the best version of ourselves.

For years now I have been living in a spiral of events that have allowed me to have incredible experiences and live in different countries around the world such as Dubai, Montecarlo and Bucharest.

I like to think that it doesn't take much to improve this world, as long as everything that comes in touch with you would leave better than when it came, I called it the New Midas Touch.


To date I mainly deal with developing projects in partnership with a purely consultative approach. I make my experience available to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals, in the mind, I develop my activities.

Marketing Consultancy

I started my entrepreneurial journey with a marketing agency and it still remains one of my main focuses today. I have gained a lot of experience in sectors such as: Luxury, Ecommerce and local businesses.

Business Advisor & PM

I offer my skills and know-how to start-ups, companies in the launch phase and structured companies. If the project is interesting, on these projects I really like working in equity to be able to feel even more involved in the project and bond with the team.

Mentorship and training

I offer personalized mentorship paths to help you achieve your goals and launch your idea. It is a path where I will share my experience and knowledge and I will follow you for the time necessary to bring you results.

Artificial Intelligence

I have implemented artificial intelligence in every project I am working on, obtaining sensational benefits. Today, I work with my partners to train business teams on the use of these technologies effectively within companies.


Some of the projects and collaborations of the last 4 years

Automazione Vincente: AI at the service of e-commerce

The protcol to exploit email marketing and automation to increase performance: a step by step procedure to optimize an effective email marketing system thanks to AI and the skills of our team, which allows you to ensure that no email ends up in spam, recover 30% more abandoned carts and increase the life time value of every single customer.

Morpheus AI: We implement artificial intelligence in companies

In recent years I have been involved in implementing a massive use of artificial intelligence within the projects that I follow, obtaining truly impactful results. From here, together with two other partners, Morpheus AI was born, a project whose vision is to bring awareness of the use of these technologies within companies through workshops and training consultancy

LEAD BY NEO: The lead generation protocol powered by AI

We are an Artificial Intelligence Consulting Agency. We take care of generating highly profiled appointments for our partners.

Our promise is: "We use the power of Artificial Intelligence to enable our partners to effortlessly generate a continuous flow of high-quality appointments and leads in less than 60 days, bypassing the limitations and inefficiencies of traditional lead generation approaches."

Dsyre School: The Dsyre Gamer Academy

The first projects I worked on in my career were infoproducts and video courses. Over the years, my team and I have developed great skills in launching online schools and academies. Given this past and my passion for the gaming world, together with our partner Dsyre, a rapidly growing Italian Esports Team, we have opened the doors to the online training academy for Gamers by launching the first course in July 2022: "Warzone Masterplayer" .


On my Youtube channel I share my entrepreneurial and life path. In addition to this, I tell my passions, dealing with various topics ranging from Marketing, entrepreneurship, psychology, curiosities about successful people, book reviews, travel and much more.

Trained from my online content

I have been on the constant search for information for several years now that I can afford to improve as a person, as a marketer and as an entrepreneur. The best way I have to memorize? Telling what I learn. I believe in the triad of Mind, Soul and Body. To be a successful entrepreneur you need to take care of all three of these temples.

Marketing, personal growth, hypnosis, mindset, advertising are just some of the topics I share within my channels.


I tell my journey through vlogs and talk about issues that are close to my heart.


Business Outliers Podcast

The community of entrepreneurs whose goal is to combine business with sustainability

Ascolta il Podcast

Digital Climbers Blog

My blog where I tell my keyboard experience. Marketing, Business and much more

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